Where are you located?2021-10-26T22:33:36+00:00

6750 Hillcrest Plaza Dr. Ste 206, #6
Dallas, TX 75230

How long are therapy sessions?2021-10-30T14:38:46+00:00

50 minutes is the standard appointment time

How long will I need to come to therapy?2021-10-30T14:39:19+00:00

Typically 12 to 16 visits with the option to extend.

Is therapy confidential?2021-10-30T14:39:35+00:00


How do I set up an initial appointment?2021-10-30T14:40:23+00:00

Please email Appts@DrLisaGenecov.com to set up your initial appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?2021-10-30T14:41:06+00:00

Dr. Genecov requires 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment without charge.

With what kinds of clients do you work?2021-10-30T15:33:26+00:00

I work with teens and their parents, stepparents, grandparents, or guardians – whoever is their primary caregiver and is responsible for them.

Do you work with men?2021-10-30T15:27:45+00:00

Fathers, yes, but not for individual therapy

Do you work with couples?2021-10-30T15:28:00+00:00


Can you help those in “non-traditional” families?2021-10-30T15:28:18+00:00


What happens in the first appointment?2021-10-30T15:28:38+00:00

Parents or caregivers and teens attend the first appointment which involves taking a history of the family and discussing why you are seeking therapy. We set goals for therapy and establish a working relationship. Going forward we will schedule individual appointments with parents/caregivers and teens. In the last few sessions we will all meet together again.

What do you do in a typical therapy session?2021-10-30T15:28:57+00:00

We discuss the issues between teens and their parents/caregivers as well as share historical information about one’s childhood, development, relationships, school, and work. We talk about family dynamics, what is working and what isn’t, and work on the primary goals of therapy.

What techniques do you use in session?2021-10-30T15:29:13+00:00

My approach is based in psychodynamic, family systems, and attachment theories. I help teens and parents identify and understand their emotions and learn to express them effectively. I facilitate self-awareness and understanding between teens and parents. I also coach families on how to communicate clearly and develop their listening skills.

Do you give “homework” between sessions?2021-10-30T15:29:31+00:00

Sometimes homework is assigned to work on something covered in session.

Do you prescribe medications?2021-10-30T15:29:46+00:00


What is your professional training and experience?2021-10-30T17:24:06+00:00

I am a board-certified Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician and a nationally certified counselor. I have mostly worked in a private practice setting since completing my medical training. My student counseling practicum and internship was completed at Jewish Family Service from January, 2020 to June, 2021.

What makes your practice special?2021-10-30T15:30:19+00:00

My personal experience having teenagers with mental health issues influenced me to get my Master’s degree in counseling. I learned a great deal about managing mental healthcare while going through our own family counseling. I was inspired by the professionals I worked with to seek additional training to help parents like me to better understand their children’s mental health and to re-establish close relationships within the family.

What does a client need to know to make the most out of working with you?2021-10-30T15:30:36+00:00

If you are ready and willing to change the way things are going in your family, we will work well together.

What if I finish counseling and something else comes up?2021-10-30T15:30:53+00:00

You are welcome to contact me and I will try to accommodate you.

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